Best Diffusers to use with Essential Oils 2017

The Best Essential Oil Diffusers
There are many ways to enjoy the health benefits of essential oils. One of the most common ways to do so, however, is through aromatherapy, in which the essential oils are combined with water and distributed throughout the room by use of a diffuser.

There are many types of diffusers on the market today. Some use oscillation; others use ultrasonic technology, and others utilize other forms of technology to perform their job. Each one, however, provides certain qualities that make them effective in sending the essential oils throughout the air, where they can be inhaled and enjoyed the people in the room. However, there are a few features that make for a quality diffuser.

One of these qualities is a variety of settings. For instance, the diffuser should be capable of running every 4 hours or 8 hours, so you can choose how long you want to enjoy the essential oils. It should also be stylish enough and small enough to fit into any room so you can carry it anywhere you want to enjoy your oils and maybe even take it with you on trips. Other features to look for include lights to serve as night lights, and ease of use and cleaning. The following diffusers possess these characteristics and, therefore, make good choices for your essential oil use.

Doterra Petal Diffuser
The Doterra Petal diffuser is a compact, light, and powerful diffuser intended for easy use. This diffuser, because of its small size, is easy to carry anywhere it is needed in the house. In addition, consumers praise the Petal for having a pleasing appearance that fits unobtrusively into most décor.

The Petal diffuser, however, offers more than just a nice look. It provides a mist diffusion of up to 330 square feet, making it powerful enough to disperse the essential oil throughout a large room or a small apartment or house. In addition, it has a number of features that make it convenient to use. For instance, it possesses a timer that allows it to run at 1, 2, or 4 hour intervals and a small LED light that makes it useful as a night light for children and as a good choice for nighttime diffusing.

This diffuser receives positive ratings from consumers. In particular, consumers are impressed by the diffuser's ability to disperse the essential oils throughout a wide radius despite its small size. They also note that the small size make it easy to fit it anywhere in the home where the benefits of essential oil are desired.

Doterra Aroma Lite Diffuser
The Doterra Aroma Lite diffuser is a compact diffuser intended to travel easily. Its small, square shape allow it to fit easily into luggage and create a discreet presence in any room in which it is running. In addition, it runs very quietly and has an LED light with two different brightness settings that make it ideal for running in bedrooms, even children's rooms, overnight.

The Aroma Lite diffuser has a number of additional qualities that make it a popular choice among consumers. For instance, it possesses two settings, a 4-hour continuous setting and an 8-hour intermittent setting, that distribute the benefits of even just a few drops of essential oil throughout the home all day long or overnight.

In addition, it is easy to use, with a chamber that can be removed and filled with water and drops of essential oil, and requiring only warm water to clean. Consumers note its ease of use as one of the reasons for its many positive reviews. Finally, the Aroma Lite allows for four separate mist settings and comes with a 6-month warranty to help give consumers peace of mind and assure them that they are purchasing a quality diffuser.

Doterra Lotus Essential Oil Diffuser
The Doterra Lotus essential oil diffuser is a beautiful and efficient diffuser designed to more effectively disseminate essential oils throughout the room. This teardrop-shaped diffuser receives praise from consumers for its elegant design.

The Lotus stands out from other diffusers primarily because of the technology behind it. This technology breaks down the molecules of the essential oil into smaller parts than do other diffusers. By doing so, it makes the oil easier for the body to absorb and utilize.

In addition, the Lotus has two settings: A continuous setting and an intermittent setting. On both settings, the diffuser shuts off automatically after an hour. It possesses a blue light that some consumers find displeasing and others love. While some consumers dislike the design of the diffuser, others love it for its beauty, its ability to powerfully distribute a single drop of essential oil throughout the room, and the soothing qualities of the blue light.

Young Living Rose-Shaped Home Diffuser
The rose-shaped home diffuser from Young Living offers consumers an effective way to enjoy the aroma and health benefits of their essential oils no matter where they are in the house. This small diffuser uses ultrasonic technology that distributes the essential oils through millions of waves per second. The result is that the diffuser effectively distributes the mist throughout the house.

More than just a simple diffuser, it helps to humidify and purify the air in the room as well. As a result, it provides a welcoming, fragrant, and relaxing environment for anyone in the room where it is running.

This Young Living diffuser allows the user to determine how it creates a relaxing environment. For instance, the diffuser goes on and off at 30-second intervals. In addition, the light on the diffuser can be set either on or off to create either soft lighting in the room or to provide enough darkness for rest at night.

Now Foods Ultrasonic Oil Diffuser
The ultrasonic essential oil diffuser from Now Foods is designed to break up the essential oil droplets into millions of tiny particles for maximum distribution throughout the room. To this end, it uses ultrasonic technology that vibrates the oil and spreads it throughout the room through a mist.

This diffuser is designed to look appealing and periodically changes color while it runs. This color changing feature can also be switched off if desired. The diffuser can run for up to eight hours to allow users to enjoy the benefits of essential oil throughout the entire day or the entire night.

In order to provide even greater quality to the user's experience with the diffuser, the Now Foods essential oil diffuser does not use heat, which can harm the effectiveness of the essential oils. It is also BPA -free for maximum environmental friendliness. The result is pretty, useful, and effective essential oil diffuser.

Diffusers Basics Guide
While aromatherapy (the process of dispersing essential oils throughout a certain space so that they can be inhaled and their health benefits enjoyed) is possible by other means, diffusers are the most common and most efficient method. These machines work by combining the essential oil with water and then, by one of a variety of means, transforming that water and oil into a mist and dispersing it throughout the room. As a result, they maximize the benefits of the oil for anyone in the room and offer an easy way to enjoy essential oils.

Purchasing an essential oil diffuser may seem far from easy, however. Most essential oil companies sell their own diffusers that work with their own oils, and all claim that their diffusers work the best and look the best. In order to successfully sift through these contradictory claims and find the diffuser that will work best for you, it is important to understand and consider a number of features. Following are a few of the basics about diffusers. Understanding these will equip you to more confidently choose the diffuser that will help you get the most out of your essential oils.

Diffusing technology
Essential oil diffusers all produce a mist that contains tiny droplets of the essential oil. However, this mist is produced by any one of a variety of technologies that may sound confusing on paper but have a practical impact on the quality of the diffuser. Following are the two most common and effective diffusing technologies utilized by diffusers.
Ultrasonic technology
Ultrasonic technology, when used in essential oil diffusers, refers to the use of super fast sound wave vibrations to break up the water and essential oil into microscopic droplets. This type of diffuser claims to be more effective because it breaks up the essential oil into smaller pieces than do other diffusers, making them easier for the body to absorb. This type of diffuser also has the advantage of not using heat, which can degrade the quality and effectiveness of the oil. A similar approach, called atomizing, produces similarly tiny particles to spread the oils further and enhance their absorption into the body.
Nebulizing technology
Nebulizing diffusers also work without applying heat to the oils. The main difference between this type of diffuser and those that use ultrasonic technology is that the nebulizing diffusers do not use water. Instead, they only diffuse the essential oil throughout the room. As a result, they tend to produce a stronger, more concentrated dispersal of essential oil which can work well for treating illnesses. However, they make more noise and are more difficult to clean than are ultrasonic diffusers.

Diffusing Run Time
Some essential oil diffusers will simply run until they are empty and will then shut off. The smallest diffusers are more likely to be set up in this manner. The small diffusers may also run for shorter amounts of time, as little as an hour, before requiring a refill of water and oil.

However, many other diffusers, including some small ones, give you the option of choosing how long the diffuser runs before shutting off. These are arguably more convenient because you can set them to run a certain length of time and then forget about them, in addition to being able to go longer between refills. The most common run time choices are 4 hours and 8 hours, although smaller increments of time, such as 1 or 2 hours, are also common.

Often, the diffuser manages to run longer on the same amount of water and oil by diffusing at intervals instead of continuously. For instance, if you choose a 4 hour run time for your diffuser, it will probably run continuously, but if you choose the 8 hour run time, it may diffuse for 15 or 30 seconds and then shut off for 15 or 30 seconds in order to avoid running out of essential oil before the 8 hours are up. Other diffusers will allow you to choose whether or not you want the diffuser to run intermittently or continuously, in addition to choosing how long you want them to run.

While diffusing intermittently may seem like an odd feature, it may actually benefit your health. Some essential oil experts suggest, for instance, that some essential oils work best if they are absorbed at intervals instead of continuously. As a result, choosing a diffuser with an intermittent run option may allow you to make the most of some of your oils.

While the goal of most essential oil diffusers is the same, they can vary greatly in their appearance. For instance, some diffusers, such as the Doterra Petal, are small and compact. The smaller diffusers have the advantage of being very portable so you can carry them easily from room to room. They also blend well and unobtrusively into the décor. Some are small enough to travel with you on trips so you can enjoy aromatherapy even when you are away from home. Other diffusers are slightly larger or taller with unique designs.
As with any decorative element, some people will love a design that other people hate for one reason or another. As a result, when choosing a diffuser design, your own personal taste should be the strongest deciding factor. You should choose the diffuser that you like the best, that will fit most appealingly into your home, and that is the size you need for your travels or home use.

However, it may also be useful to consider other design features before purchasing the diffuser as well. Whether or not you enjoy these features will also depend upon your personal preference. For instance, does the diffuser tend to leak, drip, or condense? If you plan to place it on a wooden surface, leakage may be a reason to avoid that particular diffuser. Can any of its lighting be shut off or turned down at night in order to allow for better sleep? A softer light or no light at all may be preferable if you or your children are light sleepers. How noisy is it? If you crave peace and quiet, you may need to choose a diffuser that runs almost soundlessly. These questions can guide you toward the diffuser that will best mesh with your individual household and its needs.

Essential oil diffusers are almost a must-have if you are going to be using essential oils with any regularity. They not only provide a way for you to continuously enjoy the benefits of essential oils, but also a way for your entire family to participate in their healing and calming properties. Choosing the right diffuser is a matter of understanding the technology, and choosing a diffuser whose style and features match your needs and lifestyle. 

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