Doterra Balance Essential Oil Uses and Review

Doterra_Balance_UsesBuy Doterra Balance If if you’re looking for one of Doterra’s most grounding blends. It is a specially formulated combination of hand picked essential oils designed to calm the mind and settle the emotions. This powerful yet soothing blend offers a fragrant scent of the outdoors while easing emotional turmoil and relaxing the body. While the blend has undergone a slight change in composition recently, it maintains its proven ability to alleviate stress of all kinds.


Pricing Options (and Buying Alternatives)

Doterra Balance Oil Blend15 ml$22.00$1.47 / ml4.9 / 5
*Young Living Valor Blend5 ml$68.99$13.79 / ml4.4 / 5
**Healing Solutions Balance Blend10 ml$9.99$1.00 / ml4 / 5

*Valor is Young Living’s version of the Doterra Balance Blend.
**Balance Blend by Healing Solutions is the most popular generic alternative to Doterra Balance.

Best When Used With

Doterra Fractionated OilTo dilute essential oil for topical application (to skin)$16.98 / 115ml5 / 5
Doterra Petal DiffuserTo diffuse for use as a fragrance or for aromatherapy$51.704.7 / 5

General Information

Doterra_Balance_Essential_OilSource(s): Spruce needle/leaf, blue chamomile flower, fractionated coconut oil, blue tansy flower, ho wood, frankincense resin
Other Ingredients: linalool
Best For: Mental and emotional relaxation
Other Potential Uses: Sore muscles
Suggested Directions For Use: Diffuse, dilute in fractionated coconut oil and apply a few drops directly to the skin, such as the bottoms of the feet
Works well with: Fractionated coconut oil

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where To Buy Doterra Balance Oil? – Best prices can usually be found here on Amazon
How Much Does Balance Essential Oil Cost? – You can usually purchase 15ml of Amber Oil for less than $23.00
How To Make Doterra Balance? –  Balance is a proprietary blend of essential oils, and no publicly available recipe exists. However, the following video details the benefits and strength of Balance.

Doterra Balance Essential Oil Review

Doterra Balance is a tried and true essential oil blend with a slightly new composition. This grounding blend has recently replaced rosewood with ho wood and blue chamomile flower to address ethical and supply concerns that accompany the use of rosewood. Despite this change, the blend maintains the powerful calming abilities of the original formulation and includes an even greater concentration of linalool than the original. The blend receives many of these abilities from the presence of spruce, which was used by Native Americans to alleviate physical and mental distress. These time-tested abilities allow Doterra Blend to calm the user, improve their mood, and allow them to feel quiet and at peace. The result is an improved ability to deal with stress throughout the day. The relaxing properties of Doterra Blend are best enjoyed either by applying a few drops to the bottoms of the feet, or by diffusing the blend throughout a room.
In addition to its mental and emotional benefits, Doterra Balance provides a number of physical benefits as well. These physical benefits reflect the relaxing properties of the blend. For instance, Balance can ease the pain from sore joints and muscles and relax the body as well as the emotions. It can also improve circulation. The physical and emotional benefits of Doterra Balance can be obtained in a number of ways. Besides applying it to the feet for stress relief, consumers may use it in hand massages, or apply it to the neck to relieve anxiety. When diffused throughout a car or room, it can benefit anyone in the space. The combination of emotional and physical relaxation allow the consumer to experience balance.
When applied directly to the skin, Doterra Balance should be diluted in fractionated coconut oil to reduce the possibility of skin irritation. When diffused throughout a room, only three or four drops are necessary to disperse the blend throughout the room or car. Pregnant or nursing women should consult their doctor before using the blend. When used properly, the blend offers consumers a calming, relaxing, and restorative way to let go of stress, soothe the body, and improve overall mood.

doTERRA Balance


  • Apply to the bottom of feet at the beginning of the day.
  • Use as part of a hand massage, combined with Coconut Oil.
  • Diffuse in the car on long road trips.


  • Promotes feelings of calmness.
  • Produces emotional harmony and relaxation.
  • Creates a soothing and stress-free environment.


The key ingredients included in doTERRA Balance, such as Ho Wood, Blue Tansy and Blue Chamomile can help ease anxious feelings, whilst Frankincense can offer a more grounding effect on unbalanced feelings. Blue Tansy is renowned for having therapeutic qualities that brings about peace and calm on emotions. Chamomile can also decrease irritability and over-thinking, possibly providing anti-depressant activity. It is worth noting that doTERRA Balance should not be used as a substitute for medication. Always consult your Physician for long-term depression or anxiety.


Known to help reduce stress reactions and negative emotions, the Frankincense element in this blend can help those with ADHD to concentrate and focus on the task at hand. The relaxing and calming effects that Blue Chamomile provides, makes it another essential ingredient within this natural oil blend. Simply inhaling Balance vapours via diffusion or even directly from the bottle, can help fight stress and anxiety, creating a better living environment for all the family. doTERRA Balance is not mean to “cure” or “fix” ADHD conditions. Always check with your health care provider, if on any medication, before use of essential oils.


Another grounding element in Balance oil blend is Spruce Leaf, which helps to release tension and emotional blocks – a common factor in autism. Similarly, Ho Wood can act as a powerful sedative, offering a more calming effect on the nervous system and heightened emotions. Frankincense may strengthen one’s spiritual connection and understanding. Blue Tansy helps to detoxify the liver and lymphatic system, which is closely related to feelings of anger and depression. Blue Chamomile’s pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties can also assist in relieving stress. Always consult your physician before use of essential oils, if on any medication. doTERRA Balance is not meant to “treat” or “cure” autism, and should be used with care.


Spruce Leaf, Ho Wood Leaf, Frankincense Resin, Blue Tansy Flower, Blue Chamomile Flower, Fractionated Coconut Oil.


Native Americans were found to have used Spruce for health and spiritual reasons to promote feelings of relaxation and tranquillity. Amongst other, carefully selected essential oils, doTERRA Balance is a unique blend with a variety of uses and benefits to help ease anxiety and calm the mind, when either diffused or applied topically.

Some consumers adore the earthy, woody fragrance that is appreciated by all the family, including angst-ridden teenagers, when diffused in the home.

Other consumers describe the scent as “wonderful” and “soothing” using the product as their go-to bottle when at work or in a seemingly stressful environment. Balance oil blend can be combined with a carrier oil, such as Coconut Oil for a deeply relieving hand massage for any age group. Some users apply this oil blend to their neck and shoulders, reporting instant feelings of happiness and hormonal balance.

doTERRA Balance is a useful oil to have during meditation and yoga practises, and for those with a limited amount of time, 1 or 2 drops of Balance can be added to hands and cupped over the nose, inhaling deeply. Alternatively, the bottle can be held a couple of inches away from the nose and by breathing in deeply, users can enjoy an emotionally grounding experience, along with a decent night’s sleep.

For a more comforting and soothing experience, after a long, hard day, some consumers add doTERRA Balance to the bath, helping to relax the body and fully recharge.

For those who need a “balanced boost” first thing in the morning, Balance oil blend can be applied to the bottom of feet, aiding in promoting feelings of tranquillity throughout the day.

As with any essential oil product, caution needs to be taken when applying to the skin. Patch tests are necessary on initial use. Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears and sensitive areas.

While we believe that doTERRA Balance provides grounding and calming benefits for our consumers, it should be noted that this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or illness. It is critical to understand how best to use all essential oils.

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