Doterra Fractionated Coconut Oil Uses and Review

Doterra Coconut Oil UsesWhen you buy Doterra fractionated coconut oil what you get is a beautifully light, smooth, and versatile oil. Used primarily as a base, or carrier, oil, it can be combined with virtually any essential oil to be used in massages and direct application to the skin. In addition to this, there a whole host of others applications for fractionated coconut oil that many find attractive. As a result, this oil is the ideal product to use for any application of essential oil.


Pricing Options (and Buying Alternatives)

Doterra Fractionated Coconut Oil115 ml$13.20$.11 / ml5 / 5
*Ellie's Best Fractionated Coconut Oil473 ml$12.49$.03 / ml4.5 / 5
*Plant Therapy Fractionated Coconut Oil473 ml$12.99$.03 / ml4.5 / 5

*Ellie’s Best and Plant Therapy provide the most popular alternatives to Doterra’s Fractionated Coconut oil.


General Information

Fractionated Coconut OilOther Common Names: Light coconut oil
Source(s): Coconuts
Other Ingredients: Lauric acid, caprylic acid, capric acid, caproic acid
Best For: Base for essential oils, massage
Other Potential Uses: Eating plain, base for soaps
Where To Buy Doterra Fractionated Oil: Cheapest when purchased through Amazon
Suggested Directions For Use: Blend with essential oils as a carrier oil, add to soaps, massage into skin, spray onto skin during massage, add to irritated skin during allergic reaction to essential oils
Works well with: Virtually all essential oils

Doterra Fractionated Coconut Oil Use and Review

Fractionated coconut oil is a lighter version of regular coconut oil, consisting of the lighter elements of coconut oil that separate when the coconut oil is heated. The resulting oil is very light, colorless, odorless, and smooth. Despite being an oil, fractionated coconut oil lacks the greasy feel of other oils, meaning that it can be applied and massaged into the skin without leaving behind an uncomfortable residue. This type of oil can also be applied to the skin without clogging the pores, making it an excellent choice for anyone who wants to avoid aggravating or creating skin problems, and making it safe to apply to the face.

Because of its light, smooth texture and versatile properties, fractionated coconut oil makes the perfect base for any essential oil. It is used primarily when the essential oil is going to be used in any direct application to the skin, such as when the oil is going to be used in a massage. Fractionated coconut oil is a useful base for these oils, because when the oils are added to it, they are diluted, thereby minimizing any allergic reactions the skin might otherwise have had to the undiluted essential oil. In addition, it can be applied to the area where there is an allergic reaction occurring to soothe the irritated skin. Because it can be used to dilute essential oil, it makes those oils last longer and transforms the oil into an excellent massage substance. Due to its excellent properties, the coconut oil applies the essential oils without a greasy feel and without hindering the aroma of the essential oil.

In addition to being combined with essential oils, fractionated coconut oil can also be used on its own. For instance, it can be added to the hair to give it a shinier appearance, or applied to the skin as a moisturizer. It can be used as an excellent diaper cream to fight diaper rash, as a makeup remover, and as an aftershave lotion. When combined with certain essential oils, it can also help to create useful products such as an insect repellant. Because of its versatility, texture, and appearance, fractionated coconut oil makes an ideal addition to anyone’s essential oil collection.

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