Elemi Essential Oil Uses and Review

A rare essential oil, Elemi essential oil has a fascinating history as an Egyptian balming agent, and a more modern usage as a skin rejuvenator and muscle relaxant. Its many medical uses, potential for food use, and overall relaxaing powers make it a perfect product for anyone looking to alleviate bodily pain and restore their bodies.

Elemi_Essential_OilGeneral Information

Other Common Names: Elemi oil

Source(s): Elemi tree (Canarium luzonicum)

Other Ingredients: Dipentene, terpineol, limonene, elemicine, elemol, phellandrene

Best For: Skin rejuvenation, infection fighting, muscle relaxation

Other Potential Uses: Pain reliever, tonic, stimulant, expectorant

Suggested Directions For Use: Do not dilute. Apply directly, diffuse, inhale or consume a couple of drops at a time as a dietary supplement

Works well with: Myrrh, frankincense, rosemary, lavender, cinnamon, sage


FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where To Buy Elemi Oil? – Best prices can usually be found here on Amazon

How Much Does Elemi Oil Cost? – You can usually purchase 10 ml of Elemi Essential Oil for less than $8.00

How To Make Elemi Essential Oil? –  Currently there are no online guides for making homemade Elemi oil. However, the following video explains in depth the benefits and uses of Elemi oil.


Elemi Essential Oil Review

Elemi essential oil was originally used by the Egyptians in their embalming process. Nowadays, the oil is used for the living, to rejuvenate, relax, alleviate pain, and fight infections. This unique oil is similar to frankincense in aroma and uses, while costing less than the frankincense. As a result, it is a good economical as well as a healthy choice. This oil is derived from an exotic tree that grows in the Philippines and Moluccas Islands. The oil distilled from these trees is used primarily as a skin treatment and muscle relaxant to alleviate muscle pain. Elemi is capable of reducing facial wrinkles and strengthening the skin, therefore fighting aging and making the user look younger than they actually are. The oil, when rubbed on affected areas, can help to relax muscles and eliminate muscle pain caused by working out and muscle fatigue.

Besides its skin rejuvenation and muscle relaxation properties, elemi essential oil serves as a powerful infection fighter. Its antiseptic properties make it capable to fight any number of germs and viruses that can cause problems such as sepsis and fungal infections. As a result, it can improve the overall health of the user. In addition, this type of essential oil can do more than relieve muscle pain. It can also serve as a topical pain reliever, to improve the discomfort caused by sprains, and the body aches associated with the cold and flu. Other uses of the elemi essential oil include the ability to release phlegm and encourage coughing when the user is struggling with a cold, and stimulating the proper functioning of any number of bodily systems, from the digestive system to the nervous system.

There are many ways in which elemi essential oil may be used. In general, this oil does not need to be diluted, like other essential oils need to be. Instead, it can be used at full strength, in small amounts. For instance, the undiluted oil may be applied directly to relieve muscle pain or to rejuvenate the skin. The oil may also be inhaled or diffused throughout a room. This oil can also calm and relax agitated animals if they are allowed to sniff it. Regardless of how it is used, elemi essential oil offers a unique and effective way to de-stress, relieve pain, and improve health.

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