dōTERRA Breathe Oil: EVERYTHING You Need To Know!

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Amanda C.
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Where Can I Buy doTERRA Breathe? Price/Cost?

Doterra Products are generally NOT sold in retail stores. If you know a Wellness Advocate in your area buying through them is generally the best option. However, if not, the next most convenient methods of purchasing would be online through either Doterra's online shop or through an online 3rd Party Marketplace such as Amazon (where you may or may not be purchasing from an authorized Wellness Advocate.) This site is monetized through Amazon affiliate links and others and we do receive a small compensation (at not additional cost to you), should you decide to make a purchase by clicking through most of our links.

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doTERRA Breathe Respiratory Blend Uses & Benefits


  • Use During flu/cold season to protect against seasonal threats
  • Diffuse at night for peaceful sleep
  • Rub on chest and/or feet when congested


  • Helps to clear airways
  • Promotes feelings of relaxation and rest
  • Helps alleviate occasional minor nasal and lung congestion

Can I Use For:


While Breathe is marketed as doTERRA's "Respiratory Blend," asthma attacks can be a life threatening situation. It should first be understood that Breathe is not intended to treat asthma attacks. Use of inhalers and other medical devices, in conjunction with seeking immediate medical help when appropriate are the appropriate steps for addressing asthma.

When not having an Asthma attack, Breathe may assist in sustaining healthy and clear breathing and assist in avoiding unnecessary irritation to the lungs. However, once again this should never be used as treatment for someone who is actively suffering from Asthma symptoms and it is not meant to prevent or treat Asthma attacks.


Snoring is generally caused by the vibration of tissue which are caused by turbulent airflow through narrow nasal and throat passageways. Doterra Breathe oil is not designed to alter the airflow or vibration of tissue through your nasal passages.

If you do have temporary snoring sounds caused by a plugged nostril, Breathe could potentially assist with this as it helps to keep nasal passages clear. However, it will not treat long term snoring caused by hereditary factors such as nasal and throat structure.


Breathe can assist in alleviating some of the minor symptoms of allergies specifically those related to nasal congestion and lung congestion. However, as allergic reactions can be serious, you should not use breathe oil as a replacement for medication. Also for minor allergic reaction on the skin such as hives or mosquito bites, users have found relief by apply Peppermint oil for its cooling sensation which can offer temporary relief to itching.


For coughs caused by minor and occasional lung congestion, Breathe may help with maintaining clear airways. We strongly recommend you seek medical assistance for coughs that persist for extended periods of time as this or other products may assist with alleviating minor symptoms temporarily, but will not assist in healing the underlying illnesses which may cause coughs. We also recommend trying On Guard oil in addition to Breathe to help bolster your immune system.

Is It Safe:

During Pregnancy/While Nursing?

It is always recommended that you check with your physician if you ever have any concerns about using products during pregnancy and nursing. Your doctor will know your medical history and know if there is anything that you specifically need to be aware of.

For general purposes, there is no evidence to suggest that there are any dangers associated with using Doterra Breathe during pregnancy or nursing. However, as Breathe is often applied to the chest area, this could potentially cause an issue for nursing mothers. If applied to the chest previously, an infant when feeding could potentially consume some of the product residue which was applied topically. As Breathe is not intended for personal use, this is a potential situation for nursing mother to be aware of.

For  Babies/Toddlers/Kids Use?

Doterra Breathe is safe for general use with people of all ages, however, as with all products, some individuals may experience adverse reactions to certain ingredients on a case by case basis. It is for this reason that we suggest introducing new oils (especially to young children) in very small amounts or very diluted with coconut oil, especially when applying topically. This can help to ensure that children, toddlers, and babies aren't allergic or don't have major reactions when normal amounts of the product are applied.

For Pets (Dogs/Cats)?

Doterra products are not animal tested and therefore there isn't any research on the effects of essential oils and blends, like Breathe. Animals react to chemicals, including oils, differently than do humans. As a general rule, larger animals (like horses or larger dogs) respond better to oils than do smaller animals (like cats). It is always best to consult with a pet's veterinarian before using essential oils on animals.


Source Ingredients: Laurel Leaf, Eucalyptus Leaf, Peppermint Plant, Melaleuca Leaf, Lemon Peel, Cardamom Seed, Ravintsara Leaf, Ravensara Leaf essential oils

doTERRA Breathe Respiratory Blend Review

The Breathe Essential Oil Blend from Doterra is easily one of the most effective oils used to provide much relief from respiratory problems. These respiratory complications can be caused by either sinus congestion, throat blockage, or lung infections. To understand why Breathe is so valuable, we must understand why its specific treatments are important. The Respiratory system is composed of three main categories: The lungs, the throat, and the sinuses. Because the respiratory system includes these three main parts, it cannot fully function unless all three are functional. Breathe has the ingredients that can and will relieve all three of these. It can remove any infection in the lungs. It will also help to remove any blockage in the throat or sinus passages. For this very reason is the Breathe oil blend a top seller at the different places it is sold. When Breathe is applied, the results are obvious and relieving. The soothing blend, with each of its ingredients that have been carefully selected, will provide relief to a person’s overall respiratory network.

Some of the other abilities that Breathe essential oil blend has is that it is antibacterial, antifungal, and expectorant, meaning that it signals the body to bring up mucus from the lungs or sources connected to it. It provides relief from people who have asthma. In addition, it will provide a cell and tissue repair to parts of the body that it comes in contact with.

If you have ever experienced the tension felt in not being able to provide to your lungs the required oxygen it needs to provide to your body, you will know that the respiratory system is an important organization. Breathe has allowed for many of these people with very severe respiratory problems as well as people who just want to experience the ability of breathing peacefully. As with all doTERRA oils, Breathe is CPTG (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade.) It is a wonderful and restful way to promote correct breathing and remove any congestion that could cause a blockage in the future. It is recommended to many who are searching for a way, but not finding one, to find a nice, peaceful night of an unblocked nasal passage;or a night without having an inflamed throat or lungs.


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