Doterra Frankincense Essential Oil Uses and Review

Frankincense_15mlBuy Doterra Frankincense and get an ancient essential oil prized for its health benefits and revered for the spiritual benefits it was also believed to bestow. Well known for it’s place as one of the gifts given by the wise men in the traditional Christmas narrative recorded in the Bible, nowadays, it serves as an enticing and effective treatment for wrinkles and stretch marks. It is also renowned not only for its appealing scent but also for its powerful cellular, immunity and inflammatory benefits.


 Pricing Options (and Buying Alternatives)

Doterra Frankincense Essential Oil15 ml$67.89$4.53/ml5 / 5
Young Living Frankincense Oil5 ml$37.39$7.48/ml4.1 / 5
Radha Beauty Frankincense Oil4 ml$19.99$5.00/ml4 / 5

Best When Used With

Doterra Fractionated OilTo dilute essential oil for topical application (to skin)$16.98 / 115ml5 / 5
Doterra Petal DiffuserTo diffuse for use as a fragrance or for aromatherapy$51.704.7 / 5

General Information

Frankincense_Doterra_Essential_OilOther Common Names: Olibanum
Source(s): Frankincense tree resin
Other Ingredients: sesquiterpenes, alpha pinene
Best For: Cellular strength, skin rejuvenation, strengthened immunity
Other Potential Uses: Relaxation, calming, centering, respiratory relief
Suggested Directions For Use: Diffuse, inhale, mix with other essential oils, massage directly onto affected areas
Works well with: Clary sage, vetiver, basil, patchouli, rosemary, wild orange, most floral oils, most woodsy oils, most citrusy oils, most spicy oils

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Where To Buy Frankincense Oil? – Best prices can usually be found here on Amazon

How Much Does Doterra Frankincense Oil Cost? – You can purchase 15 ml of Doterra Frankincense Oil for under $70.00

How To Make Frankincense Essential Oil? –  While homemade oil will vary significantly from the Doterra oil, the following video explains how to make your own frankincense essential oil at home.

Doterra Frankincense Essential Oil Review

Frankincense is an ancient essential oil. It is mentioned in the Bible as one of the gifts brought by the Wise Men to Jesus. It was also used in other cultures, such as by the Greeks, the Babylonians and the Romans, not only for its health benefits and as a perfume but also to drive away evil spirits and as an integral aspect of many religious rituals. In modern times, this oil’s old, old roots lend it a mystical quality as well as a reputation for being a powerful and effective medicinal aid. For instance, not only does it work to calm fears, but is also credited with restoring balance and centering the user spiritually. As a result, frankincense is often used during meditation or prayer, to clear the mind, encourage positive thinking, and gain courage and confidence. It is sometimes used in situations that require an extra dose of courage, strength, or peace, such as at a birth or during the death of a loved one.

Medicinally, frankincense is also quite effective. On the surface level, frankincense helps to rejuvenate skin. It is an excellent choice as a treatment for skin conditions such as scars and stretch marks. The result is a youthful, energetic appearance that is free of blemishes. Internally, the powers of frankincense are even more profound. This oil is capable of strengthening the immune system, helping to fight and prevent illnesses such as colds and the flu. Frankincense can also strengthen the body at the cellular level. As a result, there are some claims that frankincense is capable of fighting dreaded diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. This essential oil can benefit the entire body, improving its overall function.

Frankincense can be used in a number of ways. Inhaling it works best to obtain its centering, calming effects. For instance, when at the bedside of a hospice patient, diffusing frankincense in the room can help to calm the dying patient. Diluting the oil and massaging it directly onto the skin is the best method for obtaining the oil’s rejuvenating powers. Frankincense may also be combined with other essential oils to obtain specific results. For instance, combining the oil with ylang yland, clary sage, wild orange, white fir, geranium, and lavender provides an anti-depressant effect. Regardless of the manner in which it is used, frankincense offers a powerful and time-tested way to improve both health and mood.

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