Neroli Essential Oil Uses and Review

Since the 17th century, Neroli Essential Oil has been valued for its sweet aroma and versatility when blended with other ingredients. Used extensively in perfumes, it also provides a number of health benefits and a distinctive aroma. As a result, it is an ideal oil for anyone looking to create a pleasing perfume or seeking to improve their health in a number of ways.

Neroli_Flower_BlossomGeneral Information

Other Common Names: None

Source(s): Bitter orange

Other Ingredients: Alpha pinene, alpha terpinene, beta pinene, camphene, farnesol, geraniol, indole nerol, linalool, linalyl acetate, methyl anthranilate, nerolidol, neryl acetate.

Best For: Perfumery

Suggested Directions For Use: Diffuse throughout a room, massage onto skin, take internally as capsules, use in hand lotion, use in toothpaste, add to water in a spray bottle for cleaning
Works well with: Any citrus oil, florals, benzoin, jasmine, lavender, geranium, ylang ylang, sandalwood, rosemary

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Neroli Essential Oil Review

Neroli essential oil is derived by water distillation from the flowers of the bitter orange tree. It earned its name from its use by the princess of Nerola, Italy, in the 17th century, who used it as a perfume. Given popularity by her use of the oil as a perfume, neroli oil has remained a treasured ingredient in perfumes of all kinds. It makes such an excellent addition to these substances because it is a stable oil that does not cause sensitivity to light, is nontoxic, and is not likely to cause irritation. In addition, it possesses an appealingly sweet floral aroma. Its scent also makes it a good choice as a deodorant and as a room freshener. When used as a massage oil, it also functions as an emollient, smoothing and softening skin and reducing blemishes like scars and acne.

In addition to its effectiveness as a perfume and as a deodorant, neroli essential oil offers a plethora of health benefits. For instance, it serves as a strong disinfectant and antibacterial agent. When diffused throughout a room, it can eliminate the germs in the room. When applied to wounds, it can help to prevent infection, and it can also be used to prevent bacterial infections and illnesses such as the common cold. When used in aromatherapy, neroli oil can help to alleviate depression, and can provide the user with an overall sense of happiness and well-being. It can improve libido, help to correct erectile dysfunction, and improve the consumer’s overall sex life. In addition, neroli oil’s sedative properties help to relax the body and mind, and serves as a disinfectant that can be used on various surfaces. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of neroli essential oil are the rumors that it is one of the ingredients used to flavor Coca-Cola.

Neroli oil’s versatility and wide range of uses make it a good choice for anyone looking for a single essential oil that can accomplish a number of goals. It is also a good choice for anyone wishing for a sweet and appealing aroma to serve as a perfume or a deodorant.

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