Lilac Essential Oil Uses and Review

Lilac essential oil is loved primarily for its glorious floral scent. This aroma is gentle, winsome and reminiscent of a garden. Lilac essential oil, therefore, is ideal for freshening up the home, perfuming unscented body products, and creating a peaceful and welcoming environment. Its gentle aroma is ideal for refreshing one’s body, home, and bath products.

Lilac_Blossoms_Essential_OilGeneral Information

Other Common Names: Lilac oil, lilac floral oil, lilac fragrance oil, lilac essence oil

Source(s): Lilac fragrance, from a combination of synthetic ingredients

Other Ingredients: benzyl methyl

Best For: Adding fragrance, perfume, massaging

Other Potential Uses: Bathing, wax and candle creation

Suggested Directions For Use: Add a few drops to running bath water, diffuse throughout the house, dilute and use as a massage oil, add a few drops to freshen laundry and other fabric items, add to bath products

Works well with: Patchouli oil, pear oil, almond oil

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

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How Much Does Lilac Oil Cost? – You can usually purchase 30 ml of generic Lilac Essential Oil for less than $6.00

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Lilac essential oil captures the aroma of lilacs. This fragrance is light, sweet, and powerful, capable of permeating baths, bath products, hair, skin, and the house, even when used in very small amounts. As a result, this essential oil is prized for its ability to add a beautiful fragrance almost anywhere it is desired. For instance, a couple of drops added to bath water can create a relaxing and sweet bathing experience. Adding a tiny amount of this oil to unscented bath products can give them the aroma of lilacs, and placing a few drops in one’s hair will make it smell like springtime. The oil can also be used directly as a perfume if a couple of drops are applied to the wrists. When used in aromatherapy, it can serve as a relaxing agent that can make the entire home smell like a garden.

Consumers should note that lilac essential oil is not obtained from lilac flowers. These flowers cannot be distilled to obtain an essential oil. Instead, lilac essential oil, which is better described as an essence or fragrance, imitates the glorious smell of lilacs by combining a variety of synthetic chemicals. Despite the fact that the oil is not entirely natural, it possesses the same relaxing and fragrant properties of real lilac flowers and therefore makes an ideal addition to any bath product or home. Despite its synthetic quality, lilac essential oil requires the same kind of care that should be shown for any essential oil. For instance, it is best to dilute the oil in another oil before applying it to skin and to refrain from applying it to areas such as the eyes. When used in aromatherapy, however, or when being used to perfume a bath, the undiluted oil can be used.

Lilac essential oil gives the consumer the opportunity to enjoy the fragrance of lilacs in their home and on their body. Not all lilac essential oils are alike, however. In order to get the best, most authentic smell from the oil, the consumer should look for a high-quality, pure oil. The highest-quality oil will give the consumer an aroma that is just like lilacs, allowing them to enjoy the scent wherever they desire.

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