Vanilla Essential Oil Uses and Review

Obtained from the vanilla planifolia plant, vanilla oil offers an array of medical benefits for users, from helping to combat depression to improving sex drive and preventing illness. A powerful antioxidant, and boasting a rich aroma, vanilla gives users a uniquely pleasant and beneficial experience when they use this essential oil in massage or aromatherapy.


Other Common Names: None

Source(s): Vanilla planifolia

Other Ingredients: Acetic acid, capric acid, furfural, vanillin hydroxybenzaldehyde, isobutyric acid, eugenol

Best For: Relaxation, antioxidant benefits, fighting depression

Other Potential Uses: Aphrodisiac, fight fevers, prevent cancer, encourage sleep

Suggested Directions For Use: Use in aromatherapy, mix with carrier oil to use in massages
Works well with: Sandalwood, chamomile, lemon, orange, jojoba, lavender, neroli, vetiver, cinnamon, coriander, peru balsam

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Vanilla essential oil comes from fermented vanilla beans and, therefore, possesses the powerful medicinal properties of these beans. Perhaps the most distinctive characteristics of this essential oil are its aroma and its antioxidant properties. The aroma is gentle and almost universally appealing, capable of alleviating depression and relaxing the user. The result is that the aroma can help the user to de-stress enough to fall asleep, and can help them let go of anxiety and sadness. Vanilla’s antioxidant properties are also powerfully present in the oil. These properties can help to prevent damage to the body from free radical elements, fighting aging and helping to prevent cancer. In addition, as an antioxidant, the vanilla essential oil strengthens the immune system, improves memory, and strengthens the user’s mental ability. In fact, any disease or illness caused by free radical damage to the body can be prevented, or alleviated, through the use of vanilla essential oil.

Besides working as an antioxidant, vanilla offers an array of other health benefits. For instance, this essential oil can act as an aphrodisiac, stimulating sexual desire and arousal. In addition, it helps to fight infections of all kinds and alleviate fevers. These health benefits affect the consumer’s mind and body, leading to overall better health and a better mood and outlook. These health benefits of vanilla oil can be obtained in a variety of ways. For instance, the oil can be used in aromatherapy, where the scents and antioxidants can be absorbed through breathing the scented air. Less common uses of the essential oil are using it in massage oil or in products such as candles to add a relaxing and enjoyable aroma.

Unlike many other essential oils, vanilla essential oil is unlikely to cause skin irritation. In addition, it is non-toxic if consumed, and can sometimes even be used in food. As a result, this essential oil is gentle, appealing, and extraordinarily safe. In addition, its gentle scent is very appealing. In fact, it is so generally pleasing, that it is sure to meet the approval of almost any consumer. Its widely appealing aroma, wide ranging medical benefits, and non-toxic properties make it an extremely pleasant, attractive, and beneficial essential oil for anyone looking for a relaxing way to improve their health.

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