Sweet Almond Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

Derived from the almond, sweet almond oil is an ancient oil used primarily to restore, moisturize, and rejuvenate skin. In addition to its effectiveness in its own right as a massage oil, it also serves as an excellent carrier oil for spices, herbs, and essential oils. Its moisturizing properties and versatility as a carrier oil make it ideal for anyone looking for healthier skin, or for a way to dilute their more powerful essential oils.


Other Common Names: None

Source(s): Sweet almonds

Other Ingredients: oleic acid, linoleic acid, saturated fatty acid, palmitic fatty acid, linolenic fatty acid, stearic fatty acid

Best For: Moisturizing and rejuvenating skin, as a base oil for diluting essential oils

Other Potential Uses: On certain foods, such as salads; wood conditioner

Suggested Directions For Use: Add to body care products; massage directly onto skin, use as a base for essential oils

Works well with: Most essential oils

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Sweet Almond Essential Oil Review

Sweet almond oil is derived from the almond. The almond plant originated in the Mediterranean and India, and has been domesticated for centuries. The almond itself is a rich source of nutrients and fatty acids, and the oil derived from the almond possesses many of these healthful characteristics. In fact, it is the fatty acids in the almonds that make sweet almond oil so effective as an emollient and so useful as a base for many different types of essential oils. Almost 40% of the almond consists of these types of fatty acids, making it particularly rich in softening and rejuvenating properties.

As a massage oil, sweet almond oil is effective in moisturizing and softening cracked, dry, and damaged skin. Its emollient properties also make it effective in treating a number of skin conditions, such as persistent eczema and psoriasis. It possesses anti-aging properties and can improve complexion, reduce wrinkles, and strengthen the skin. The result is a soothing, restorative experience when consumers use it directly on their skin. The oil also possesses antioxidants and vitamins that contribute to its anti-aging effects. Alternatively, consumers may add sweet almond oil to their body products, such as lotions, in order to boost the moisturizing properties of those products. Its light fragrance makes it an unobtrusive addition to these lotions.

In addition to being an excellent massage oil, sweet almond oil is a top-notch base oil for essential oils of all kinds. Doing so can reduce the risk of skin irritation caused by the undiluted essential oil, and will also provide the consumer with the benefits of the sweet almond oil and the benefits of the essential oil added to the sweet almond oil. The oil possesses a light fragrance, making it an unobtrusive addition to body products and to the skin. The oil’s emollient properties make it a restorative addition not only to skin, but also to wood. For instance, musical instruments or other wooden items can benefit from the application of sweet almond oil. Certain types of the oil may even be consumed, for instance, as a dressing on salads. Regardless of its use, sweet almond oil moisturizes and restores.

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