About Young Living Essential Oils

Young Living sets itself apart from other essential oil companies by its commitment to the highest quality beginning not with the finished product but with the seeds planted in the ground and at every step in between. The company oversees every step of the process, from choosing the kinds of seeds planted, to growing the very best plants, to maintaining the highest standards during the distillation process. The result are potent essential oils that consumers can rely upon to be effective and beneficial every time they are used.


Young_Living_Essential_Oils_LogoYoung Living was founded in 1993 in Utah by Gary Young, who wanted to combat the tendency for essential oils to vary widely in their safety, potency, and effectiveness. Already the owner of an organic herb farm, he began to harness the power of his herbs by distilling them into essential oil. Because of his access to the highest quality herbs, he was able to control the entire process of creating essential oils, from growing the plants to distilling them into oil. The result was that he was able to create high-quality essential oils that were consistently pure, potent, and effective.

Eventually, Young Living’s method of overseeing the quality of each step of the oil production process became known as Seed to Seal. The process consists of five steps: Seed, cultivate, distill, test, and seal. Young Living ensures that each step yields the very best product possible. For instance, the company chooses seeds that are known for producing excellent plants and oils, engages in sustainable growing practices, and uses a combination of time tested and cutting edge processes to distill the oils. The company’s product, as a result, is renowned for its potency and effectiveness, and, over the years, Young Living has expanded into an international company.


Young Living offers many different essential oils to meet the needs of a wide variety of consumers. Its single essential oils alone comprise more than 80 different kinds, from rosemary, wintergreen, and cedarwood to cinnamon, balsam, and neroli. In addition to these numerous single oils, the company offers more than 60 specially designed blends to meet any number of health and wellbeing needs.

Young_Living_DiffuserFor instance, the AromaEase blend helps to combat stress and promote relaxation, while the Brain Power blend is designed to increase concentration and focus. The result are blends that harness the combined power of certain essential oils to improve the wellbeing of the consumer is specific ways. In addition to its single oils and blends, Young Living offers consumers the convenience of essential oil roll ons, the luxury of essential oil collections, and an array of tools such as diffusers for dispersing their oils throughout any space.

In addition to its essential oil offerings, Young Living also offers consumers products to enhance their overall well-being. These products, such as multivitamins, anti-aging creams, hair care products, and even products for children, use essential oils to create items that benefit almost every personal and health care area of the consumer’s life. The result is a company that makes full use of the power of essential oils, ensuring at every step that the consumer receives the very best that essential oils have to offer.

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