Lemon Verbena Essential Oil Uses and Review

Obtained from the verbena plant, lemon verbena provides a relaxing aroma and many medical benefits. These benefits include digestive, respiratory, and liver improvements, as well as the ability to treat anxiety and nervous disorders. This fragrant oil, when used in any of the many different methods available, creates a truly healing environment for anyone experiencing distress or depression that is affecting them physically.

Lemon_Verbena_FlowersGeneral Information

Other Common Names: Lemon Beebrush oil, verbena essential oil
Source(s): Verbena
Other Ingredients: Myrcene, geraniol, nerol, borneol, linalool, dipentene, citral, limonene
Best For: Digestive issues, depression, liver improvement
Other Potential Uses: Respiratory issues, skin toning, anxiety
Suggested Directions For Use: Add to the bath, diffuse throughout the home, combine with carrier oil to make a massage oil, addition to creams and lotions, spray
Works well with: Palmarosa, elemi, lemon, neroli

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

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Lemon verbena essential oil is the product of the verbena plant, which originated in Argentina and Chile. This plant possesses incredible restorative properties that make it ideal for consumers suffering from stress-related digestive and liver problems. The essential oil that is distilled from this plant inherits these properties and makes them available to the consumer in a concentrated form. The most fundamental issues this oil alleviates is depression and anxiety. The oil also helps to treat health issues created by this anxiety and depression, especially those issues related to the liver and digestive systems. For instance, lemon verbena essential oil can help to ease cramps and indigestion and can help the liver to handle the excesses that create hangovers and leads to liver cirrhosis. The calming influence of the oil also helps to quiet heart palpitations.

There are many methods by which to benefit from lemon verbena essential oil. The consumer may diffuse the oil throughout the home in order to de-stress and relax. In order to get the oil into the body in order to improve the health of the liver or digestive system, the consumer may add a few drops to hot water and inhale the steam, or dilute it with a carrier oil and use it as a massage oil. In addition, adding this oil to a bath or adding to a spray bottle to treat bedsheets and linens will infuse them with a relaxing aroma. The oil may also be added to creams and lotions. When added to these products, the lemon verbena essential oil can smooth and rejuvenate skin.

Lemon verbena essential oil has a couple of downsides of which consumers should be aware. This oil, more than some other essential oils can cause the skin to become sensitive and therefore easily irritated, because of the amount of citrus in the oil. In addition, it can make the skin more sensitive to the sunlight. As a result, consumers should be careful when out in the sun after applying this oil. However, the potential downsides dim in the light of the potential digestive, liver, emotional, and mental benefits that the lemon verbena essential oil can bring.

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