Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil Review

Since ancient times, frankincense has served as a religiously significant addition to services and rituals, as well as being valued for its distinctive aroma and soothing properties. Today, Young Living Frankincense essential oil is prized for its ability to focus the user, uplift the mood, and rejuvenate aged or blemished skin. Its many restorative and grounding properties make it ideal for anyone dealing with stress, anxiety, or imperfect skin.

Young Living FrankincenseGENERAL INFORMATION

Other Common Names: None

Source(s): Frankincense

Other Ingredients: N/A

Best For: Focusing, skin rejuvenation

Other Potential Uses: Improved sleep, stress relief, dietary supplement

Suggested Directions For Use: Apply directly to skin or dilute and massage into skin; diffuse throughout the room; add one drop to 4 oz. of liquid to ingest as a dietary supplement

Works well with: Bergamot, camphor, palmarosa, cinnamon, geranium, cypress, mandarin, orange, sandalwood, ylang ylang, neroli, rose, patchouli, pine, black pepper, grapefruit, lemon, lavender

FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

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What are the benefits of Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil? – The following video explains the many benefits and uses of this popular and sacred essential oil.


Young Living Frankincense Essential Oil Review

In the Middle East, frankincense has a long history of being revered as a religiously significant essential oil. As such, it has made frequent appearances in religious services of all kinds. In addition, it has long been used by the Egyptians to heal and rejuvenate the skin. Its soothing properties and ability to restore old, wrinkled, or blemished skin make it a well-loved essential oil even today. Its ability to help improve skin issues is fairly extensive. For instance, it may be used improve the appearance of aged skin to give a more youthful look. The best way to achieve these results is to use the frankincense as a massage oil, either by applying it directly to the affected skin, or to dilute it for application to more sensitive areas of the body. Physically, frankincense offers a number of other benefits. For instance, it can be used as a dietary supplement. In order to take this essential oil as a supplement, the consumer can simply add one drop to four ounces of a liquid to drink.

Emotionally, frankincense also offers a number of benefits. Primarily, this essential oil can help to alleviate anxiety and stress. When massaged directly onto the bottoms of the feet, it can calm the user. When diffused throughout a room, it can help to reduce stress and allow the user to relax. Another benefit is its ability to help the consumer focus. When inhaled, it can help the user to refocus on the project at hand, in part because it helps the user to calm down and let go of any anxiety they are facing. Because of its calming properties, frankincense essential oil can also allow users to sleep more peacefully at night.

The benefits of Young Living frankincense oil are available even to children and animals. While the oil should not be used on infants, it can be used on older children, and family pets to alleviate anxiety and calm them down. When used in aromatherapy, diffused throughout a room, or ingested as a dietary supplement, this essential oil provides an ideal way to calm down, restore skin, and focus on the task at hand.

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